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Friday, February 04, 2005

Wow... it's friday already???

Yesterday I helped Kris get her WiFi up and going. It was a bit tricky, but in the end I think it worked out pretty well. I learned a good bit about the whole wireless thing. Especially considering I knew nothing about it before I started. I also set it up with a pass-key... so her neighbor across the street with the "unsecured" wireless connection won't be tempted to dump their ISP and mooch. I kinda doubt they'd be able to do much on it, though. I figure if they're dumb enough to leave their access point unsecured.... they're probably not smart enough to figure out all the weird stuff I had to do to make her router cooperate. Anyway... I left Kris happily blogging away in a comfy chair in her living room.

Drive home to find kid A still up and fussing. Grab kid, insert The Bourne Supremacy, plop down in the La-Z-Boy and veg. Pretty lame movie. And where'd they get "Supremacy" from? What.... if you somehow survive several highly unrealistic chase scenes it somehow makes you supreme? *sigh* Not to mention... it's always sad when the best scene from a movie is the one they stuck in the commercials. It's not quite as bad as the movies that don't actually contain the scenes they stick in the commercials. I'm still a little bitter about Real Genius. Trivia question for you. Which scene from the trailer didn't make it into the movie?

Let's see.... ahhh yes.

Note to Harry Reid -- Embrace baldness. Many men have done quite well with it. Go ahead, give it a try. Some women even claim it's sexy.

So... someone called today doing a survey to find out my musical and radio station preferences. Normally, I'd just tune them out immediately and impatiently wait for the first opportunity to tell them I wasn't interested. But today was different. I was captivated by the tone of her voice. Was she real? Or was she a recording? She sounded real and there wasn't the typical background scratchiness that usually accompanies recorded messages. But she did the ask a question, pause slightly, and then continue talking without waiting for a response thing. I listened quietly studying her voice. Eventually she stopped.

Hello.... is anyone there?

Yeah, I was just trying to figure out if you were real or a computer.

Why, do I sound like a computer?

Kinda. You do the ask a question and then don't wait for an answer thing.

Oh. Anyway......

It was a curious survey. She asked me all about what radio stations I listen to and which morning personalities I like. I really only listen to 2 or 3 stations and rarely when a morning personality is on the air. She asked me to rate several local personalities on a scale of 1 (hate) to 5 (love). But... since I've never heard of Delilah or Moose or JimBobBillyJoe and/or his third cousin.... I didn't get to vote. But she did play several short music samples that I got to rate.

On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate this one?

I'd say 1. And I feel like I'm at the dentist and I have to leave right now.

What was that?

Uhhh.... 1.

Okay, how about this one?

Ummm... is there something less than one?


Okay. 1 then.

How about this one?

I'd say 2. Maybe 3. For the retro comedy value.

And this one?

Probably a 4.

Alright! Do you know of any stations in your area that play this sort of music?


Oh... okay then.

Well... I'll spare you the rest of the boring details of my phone survey. It's late... so I'm off to bed.