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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Colgate for Kids

[kid Z] I don't like my toothpaste. Because before I spit, I can't talk a bit.


Look at it.

Is that not THE toothpaste for kids. It is even the one SHE picked out after laboriously studying every selection in the dental care aisle of our local Target store. It has all the vital ingredients. Bright green container... check. Smiling watermelon-like creatures with shiny teeth... check. Artificially sweetened watermelon flavor... check. Built in mouthwash... check. Flip-top lid unopenable by the average 5 year old... check. I mean, it's even got a major bonus. Its very own Colgate Kids World web site full of inane games that require ongoing translation from the nearest parent.

But no... my 5 year old drama princess has to find something wrong with it.

She can't talk until after she spits.