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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Reality TV Nightmares.....

.... brought to you by the "designers" at Trading Spaces.

Doug's "Whoa White" room, which includes all-white paint, art and furnishings, is not the dramatic and colorful transformation they hoped for.

Well duh.... EVERYTHING is white. Even the logs in the fireplace. Who in their right mind paints firewood? I mean... I've seen grade-B horror movies that wouldn't have accepted this as a set.

Hildi Santo-Tomas' plans for this dining room in Philadelphia start out easily enough—add some color, install new window treatments, paint the chairs, and put in a new table and a new light fixture. The result? The homeowners ask the production crew to take everything with them when they leave. Before the "Trading Spaces" truck pulls out of their driveway, the only trace of Hildi's "eggscelent" room is the black paint on the walls.

Uhhh... I think I would've made them repaint the walls too.

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