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Sunday, January 30, 2005

It's Sunday Afternoon....

....and I've got a song going through my head.

On Sunday in the afternoon
On Sunday with nothin' to do
On Sunday I don't have to go to work
On Sunday

I don't care about things I have to do
I would rather spend my time with you
On Sunday..... in the afternoon

On Sunday..... with nothin' to do

On Sunday I can sleep until one
On Sunday I can lie in the sun
On Sunday I don't have to think about anyday
But Sunday

I just want to play guitar all day
Everything slips in a mellow haze
On Sunday..... with nothin' to do

On Sunday..... in the afternoon

Ironic... Huh. LOL.

It's by the band Cringer. If you've never heard of them, I'm not really surprised. Think low budget mid 90's pop-punk with just a touch of ska. If that doesn't make it crystal clear to you, Amazon's got some sound clips you can check out. Yeah... it's the one named Sunday.

While you're at it you should check out the song named Walk in Closet. We actually used it in our wedding. No, we didn't tell my parents it was from a punk CD.

Today, I actually laughed at Church. I mean.... I actually laughed at the appropriate time at Church. Laughing at Church isn't that uncommon.... but laughing when I'm supposed to.... that's pretty rare. You see, some friends of mine did a skit today. A skit I helped write. A skit whose sole purpose was to make fun of the pastor's sermon title. Now that's fun.

And now.... it's Sunday afternoon.... and I've got nothin' to do.