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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dr. Max and Mombo

Does anyone out there that grew up in Eastern Iowa remember these fellows? School got out at 3:30, which is when Dr. Max and Mombo started. We would run home so we would not miss too many cartoons on the magic board. Mombo would come and do magic tricks every year at our church's vacation bible school and talk about the difference between magic and miracles. Once I got out of school early with the other girls in my Camp Fire group, and we got to be on the show ourselves.

When this subject comes up in our marraige, my husband insists that Duane and Floppy who were on in Central Iowa were cooler than Dr. Max and Mombo. (We've been married quite awhile. Lots of crazy subjects come up.) I heartily disagree. It is a ridiculous debate, since neither of us has watched both programs. We never have any serious fights, so every once and awhile we have to pick a silly one.

Trust me, Dr. Max and Mombo were cooler.