purple fish guts

Friday, September 09, 2005


While cleaning out the garage the other day we started pulling out all the old snowboards and we figured we'd get some pictures of them.

Here are mine. The Crazy Banana (neon) was a weird (sucky) design and is busted. The Sims (green) was a great board...... but it lost it's camber. The Division 23 (orange) was great..... but it broke. The Joyride (light blue) is the best of all of them...... and thankfully it still works fine.

Here are Red's. The Barfoot is really cool.... in a retro sorta way. It looks like a gym floor with the wood and a thick glossy finish. It's a great board for riding in powder but on hardpack it's a bit too stiff to be much fun. The green one is her beloved "Gordon." It's a Division 23 and has a lizard on the bottom that just sorta seems like it should be named Gordon. It's just about perfect for her.

Coming Soon -- Pictures of the transformation of the green Sims into a longboard skateboard.