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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Saturday afternoon I played bass with Mozayik at a fund-raiser for a local church. They have purchased land and are now starting to raise money to build something on it. We were one of five groups playing throughout the afternoon and evening.

The first group was described as a gospel quartet. But now that I think about it, there were only 3 singers. Hmmmm...... It was painfully slow for my tastes. I entertained myself by watching the junior sound tech guy nod off occasionally and by watching the piano player to see if he was alive. He sorta had a "waxy" complexion and didn't really move anything except his fingers. He reminded me of one of those automated piano players at a shooting gallery. Pay a quarter, shoot the little target, and it plays for a few seconds.

Second was a self-proclaimed "jazz guitarist." He got up and played his Les Paul over some back-up music he'd recorded at home. He was pretty good at what he did. I had to get up and leave during the first song, though. His back-up recordings were pretty muddy sounding..... and with my head kinda fuzzy from almost falling asleep during the first group..... it was more than I could take. I went out of the auditorium and down the hall. It sounded much better from a distance.

Third was us.

Fourth was the band from the Church who was sponsoring the thing. I guess they play somewhere every couple of months. We were talking to them a bit and it sounds like we might hook up and open for some of their shows. Sounds fun.

And last was a band called Thirty Pieces of Silver. I didn't hang around to listen to them. They weren't starting until about 8:45 or so and I thought I should head home to help get the kids to bed.

I'm not sure how well the fund-raising went. It didn't really seem like there were enough people there to cover the costs of everything going on. Maybe a whole bunch of people showed up for the last band. Who knows....