purple fish guts

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well..... kid Z started kindergarten today. Here she is in her first-day-of-school dress with her Hello Kitty backpack and a big cheesy grin.

Everything went well. No tears or anything. Little sister was a bit upset..... because she thought she was going to go to kindergarten as well..... but she got over it when she realized she had all the Barbie stuff to herself.

We all went to pick her up after school. The place was crazy...... too many moms in SUV's. We almost got hit a couple times. We finally made it out alive and asked her what she did at school today.

"Well....... we DIDN'T play with any of the toys."

After some more questions, we learned all about the special no peanut tables.... and that recess was her favorite part of the day..... and that she made a puzzle..... and that the ice in her thermos had melted...... and.... and.....

Oh yeah..... and there was something about her and another girl climbing on top of each other.

She came home pretty tired.... but I think she had a good time.