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Monday, September 26, 2005

Knitting etiquette

I started with a zig zag scarf pattern, but it looked funny with this fluffy yarn, and I was not in the mood to keep close track of where I was in a pattern. With the help of an eager three-year-old I ripped out the zig zag scarf and started over with the simplest of knitting patterns: 30 stitches across of garter stitch. It's relaxing just to knit without paying close attention to what I am doing. The problem now is that I can knit doing almost anything else that does not require my hands.

I had my knitting with me at church yesterday, and I knit between the youth service and the adult service. I put away my knitting when the music started, because I would much rather stand, praise God and sing than knit. However, when the sermon started I was so tempted to get my knitting out. I would never do this at my regular church, because our pastor is a very good teacher, and I really like to take notes. The preacher yesterday was good, but did not say anything that I had not heard before. He is a traveling evangelist who is very much like Billy Graham. His message was give your heart to Jesus today. He had a few points to elaborate on the theme, but it was not complicated and nothing that I had not heard before. An excellent message for those who have not decided to follow Jesus yet, but I gave my life to Jesus when I was a junior in high school, so I need no convincing to walk the aisle. Been there; done that (and I highly recommend it.)

So my question for my church-going friends is: is it OK to knit in church? Would it distract you from paying attention to the sermon? Would you think "How industrious, just like the women in Proverbs 31:19!" or "I can't believe she thinks it's OK to knit in church!". It's probably a moot point because we will be back at our regular church Sunday where I won't be tempted to knit, and probably won't even have it with me. I'm still curious if anyone has any suggestions for knitting etiquette. Mom told me that she saw a gal knitting at a stoplight the other day. That seems a little crazy to me. Don't worry, Brent. I don't think I will be trying to drive and knit anytime soon.