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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Street Party

It was gorgeous weather out tonight so we all went outside to play. Blue with his skateboard construction project and the girls with their bikes. Before long some neighborhood kids showed up and it was a real party. It took me awhile to convince the girls that it was time to go in the house, and just as I had succeeded, our friend and his kids showed up and sabotaged me. They came with skateboards and cones, and the minute the girls saw him I knew that bedtime would be late tonight. Blue abandoned his table saw and grabbed his board, and pretty soon the street in front of our house was a mass of kids big and small.

Note the second grader on the skateboard -- she rocks!
Here are the big kids:

Here is a close up of the safety cones. They are not solid construction so it will not hurt if you fall on top of them. However, if you run into them like Blue did, they are not so safe.

Here is Blue wishing he had been wearing his elbow and knee pads when the board hit the cone.