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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm Sick....

.... or at least I was sick. Now I'm just kinda sick. The wife stayed home from work yesterday and today to watch the kids so I could sleep, drink my fluids, and eat my JellO in peace.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling pretty iffy. By Sunday afternoon I knew I was sick and by Sunday night I was curled up under 2 blankets shivering with my fingers going numb. Just before bed, I took some medicine... which I promptly threw back up.

I hate being sick.

We watched Troy last night. Okay movie. It's got all the basic action-flick necessities covered. For the guys -- lots of action scenes with a bunch of dead bodies. For the girls -- brooding Brad Pitt and quixotic Orlando Bloom... complete with skin shots. It certainly isn't one of those happily ever after movies, though. It kinda makes me wonder if there was supposed to be some sort of a 'moral to the story'. I couldn't really come up with one. But, perhaps there are some lessons we can learn.

The first one that sticks out to me is... Don't mess around with the wife of a powerful king. Seems sensible. I mean, we could have avoided 95% of the movie and I think only one person would have died. But if you look at the whole story... Orlando and his babe are the only ones who end up anywhere close to a happily ever after. So, I'm not really sure what to make of that.

Some other, less likely, possibilites that crossed my mind.

    Don't listen to the prophet of Apollo... go with your kids instead.

    Being a cousin is dangerous. You have a 50/50 chance of dying before your cousin.

    Guns don't kill people - People kill people. A lot of people die in this movie and none of them have guns. hmmm...

    Women in close proximity to Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom have a strong desire to remove their clothes.

    If a guy comes up to your town yelling your name... have the archers take him out.

Given a more thorough study, I'm sure we could find other bits of wisdom to glean and insights to gain. But hey... I'm just a sick guy trying to keep his JellO where it belongs. So what am I taking out of this movie?

    If you happen upon a large wooden horse-like creature..... DO NOT take it home with you.