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Monday, May 16, 2005

Jimmy John's update

So... I've been swapping emails with a guy from Jimmy John's "corporate." Bill, the local franchise owner, called me the other day to tell me that he had spoken with someone at corporate about our situation and to expect a call.

A few minutes later.... Bryan called. He explained that where the email originated is a mystery and that they are quite concerned about it and are currently looking into it. Uhhhh.... yeah.....

Anyway... he sent me a vague list of ingredients. I replied by asking for more info on the ingredients of the salami. And here's where it gets funny.

    It's Genoa Salami. I think it has beef and pork in it. If you want to know for sure you will have to notify Genoa.

    There are no spices in the salami that I know of.


Ummm..... notify Genoa? Italy?

This guy is some sort of P.R. person for a chain of sandwich shops and he doesn't know that Genoa is a type of salami. --sigh--

While I'm at it I think I'll call Vienna. I've always wondered what's in those weird little sausage things.