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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

I had a sweet Mother's Day. The girls slept in, which was my first lovely gift. I got to take a long uninterrupted shower and surf the blogs before the MOMMY! MOMMY! 's started up.

Church was great. Blue played bass guitar during worship and looked like he was having a blast. (He later confirmed that he was.) That was something, considering he was up most of the night and felt like poo.

Like most churches, the mothers were honored with flowers and a nice token gift, but I was impressed by how they also especially honored the widows. There are two widows in our congregation, and our church takes the Bible's command to care for the widows seriously. In addition to the home repair they have done for each of the ladies this year, they presented each with a nice gift basket with personal, practical gifts (like gift certificates for gas and hotel for the one whose family is in Missouri.) It is refreshing to see a church apply the Bible in a "this is what we do" way rather than a "this is what you should do" way. I am more and more impressed with our new church every week.

The girls presented me with flowers and lovely handmade cards from Sunday School, which were really special. The girls themselves were especially cute today. They let me play with their hair, and I had fun. Blue is a wonderful stay-at-home daddy, but he doesn't get excited about playing with hair. He can put it up when he has to, like for ballet class, but he doesn't get the fun of putting up hair. (That's OK sweetie -- you do most stuff better than I do!)

After lunch (the best Reuben sandwich in Des Moines) I opened my Mother's Day gift. A very cool purse that I had really wanted. (How ever did you know? *wink*) Z also gave me a precious picture with a little poem and a handprint from preschool. I'm a sappy Mom (like most). I love the handmade stuff. I hope they never waste money on Hallmark cards for me. I'll take scribbles anyday.

We called the grandmas and wished them a Happy Mother's Day. I wish my mom lived closer. She is missing out on so much of the girls growing up. Mom and Dad think it would be backwards to retire and move north. I respect their choice, but Charlotte is just too darn far away.

Supper was with Blue's mom and dad. She loved the gift certificate for a manicure. Blue asked me last week if I thought she would like one for Mother's Day. I told him that I couldn't imagine any women not enjoying a manicure. (Unless of course she bites her nails, but his mom and I have both kicked that habit.) Of course the girls had handmade cards for Grandma too, which she loved.

The day would have been perfect if Blue felt better. We've almost figured out what he is allergic to that is making him feel so miserable off-and-on. (The million dollar question is what do Panera's Sierra Turkey sandwich, Jimmy John's Vito sandwich, and many mexican food restaurants have in common? That is the research project this week.)

Anyway, I had a great Mother's Day, and I love being a mom. Yes, there are times they drive me to imagine child abuse scenarios, but I know God has blessed me with the best family in the world, and I am extremely grateful. Girls, if you ever read this when I am unable to express it to you, know that your mom thinks being a wife and mom are the greatest, and that you are two very smart, beautiful, fun, goofy, wonderful, special, talented, adorable girls that I have every confidence will grow up to be women who rock the world. I love you.