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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I got a gig

I'm excited. I get to play with the band at our new church tonight.

It's pretty cool. Wednesday night I was talking to the pastor and I told him that I'd like to meet the band sometime.... because I'm sort of a band-type. He looked at me funny and said he wasn't quite sure what that meant.... but that he'd be happy to introduce me. He asked what I play.... bass and I'm learning electric guitar. Well they're practicing right now.... come on.

So after intros..... it turns out that they've been praying for an electric guitarist for about 3 months.... and they don't mind that I'm just learning. I explained that I might not be the guitarist they were praying for.... but I'd love to play. I'm planning to join them for practices for a while and then we'll see about playing during church.

And.... they've got an informal sort of thing going on tonight and the regular bassist can't make it. So.... I get to play bass tonight. w00t!