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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Perusing J-Walk

Home-Made Gadgets

The desperation of the post war years, the cheapness and shoddiness of those times, is captured forever in the pages of this strange little publication.

My mom grew up in a small town in Alabama. As a girl, she and her aunt (who is almost her same age) would collect discarded cigarette packages. When it got close to Christmas, they would take the packages they'd been collecting all year and soak them in water to remove the paper from the foil backing. They would then cut the foil to make tinsel for the Christmas tree.

I'm obviously from a different generation or mindset or something.... because I can't imagine putting that much time and effort into tinsel for a tree. I mean, I'm too lazy to buy the 2-for-a-buck tinsel packs at Wal-Mart.

PC Support

It's a blow-by-blow account of a phone call that lasted from 4:02 through 6:10. In the end, the support rep said that there was really no choice but to pay $69.95 for the support call -- for a product that costs $69.95.

This just fuels my belief that the people at Symantec are a bunch of bumbling idiots.

Our church has a Gateway laptop that came with Norton Anti-Virus pre-installed. I didn't mess with it (because the laptop was rarely on-line) and it didn't mess with me. We sorta had a live and let live thing going.... until the day I installed some video editing software. Apparently that upset Norton and he decided that the laptop should no longer shut down when instructed to do so. Instead... Windows would just start to shut down and then become completely unresponsive. Nice.

So I went to uninstall Norton. It wouldn't uninstall. Curious.... anti-virus software that you can't remove from your system. I googled a bit and found a special program to remove Norton when the normal Norton uninstaller won't work. Hmmm... so I'm not the only one. It worked.... but it was kinda funny because it had a bunch of warnings. Only use as a last resort.... Try the other installer again.... This program may not completely remove Norton from your system.

Now... isn't the anti-virus software business supposed to be about avoiding and getting rid of unwanted and/or unknown software? The fact that they can't completely remove their own software from my computer sure doesn't give me much faith in their ability to handle the unknowns.

The Cross In Space

The cross will be over You personally! The Cross will be over every Nation on earth! Over Afghanistan! Saudi Arabia! Jerusalem! America! The cross in Space Satellite will be in a Polar orbit from pole to pole. As the earth turns it will pass over every inch of the earth like peeling an apple. The cross will circle the earth every one and a half hours. After launch we can tell you on our site when it will be over you and your nation. We have carried the cross in Every nation. Now we will, God willing have it flying above Every nation! We wave the cross in the face of Satan and proclaim that Jesus is Lord over All the Earth. All glory to God.

Is it just me... or are these people nuts?

"Then the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the Sky!Then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory"

Jesus(Matthew 24:30)

And... do they somehow think that they are fulfilling a prophesy and "sparking" the second coming of Christ... by launching a 2 inch cross into space?