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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

There's just something strange...

...about this German cantina which caters to anorexics and bulimics.
Sehnsucht ("Longing"), a cosy 50-seater cantina in the German capital's leafy Tiergarten district, is the brainchild of a former anorexic, employs a bulimic waitress and has an anorexic chef presiding over a menu that deliberately distances dishes from the ingredients they contain. Developed with the help of a nutritionist, the menu will list non-food names like Hallo (in reality a lobster bisque), Heisshunger ("Ravenous Hunger", a rack of lamb), and Seele ("Soul", which will appear at your table in the form of a cappuccino creme dessert).

Maybe it's the numerous SNL skit possibilities that fill my head or the idea of starting a restaurant with hopes of attracting people who consider food to be their nemesis. I don't know.... but something about it is strange.

It kinda makes me think of church. I've been talking to our pastors recently about who we, as a church, are hoping to attract. Apparently they see us as shooting for people with the "I'm really busy, barely have time for my kids, not really interested in church, tried it once and it was lame" mindset. Seems like a pretty tough crowd to me.

Maybe we could pick up some tips from the Sehnsucht folks.