purple fish guts

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Iowa Bloggers

I enjoyed getting together tonight with other Iowa bloggers. I was a little distracted because tonight was the first time my two-year-old had ever been anywhere without her parents or grandparents. (She did fine, by the way.) Thanks to Jeff and his buddies Chad and Don from Tusk & Talon for the great idea. I now have some new (and old) "must reads" now that I have met the faces behind the words... They include Royce from the Iowa Libertarian, Jody and Doug from Iowa Geek, Dave from Hog Haven, Joe from Tax Updates, Brett from Beat Canvas, Kris from Random Mentality, Kris from Anywhere But Here, Steph from Bob, and Jarod from One Brick Shy. I hope we can do it again -- Hopefully blue fish can come too (and he can explain the origins of the name purple fish guts!)