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Friday, February 25, 2005

Indie Radio

I like Indie radio. I have since college. Unfortunately there's really only one station in my area that even remotely approaches the Indie category. It's a small college station that turns into a nightmarish kid's radio station (which my kids love) on the weekends.

But... there is hope. Check out Indie 103.1. They even have a M-F afternoon show hosted by Steve Jones. Many thanks to Greg at What Attitude Problem for the links.

Let's get the weird news out of the way: Steve Jones, the Sex Pistols guitarist, is now deriving his paycheck from Clear Channel...

Weirder still, it's all cool. Jones' five-day-a-week gig as a DJ at Indie 103, a Clear Channel-backed station in Los Angeles, is not a sign that he has pathetically sold out his youthful beliefs. "FCC no!" he says, dropping into his customary off-air vocabulary. "I'm out of here if they tell me what to FCCing play - that's it, mate." And the music on his two-hour show bears out his claim. A head-snappingly diverse jumble of vintage punk, unsigned local bands, ancient pop novelties, and a whole lot of vividly alive rock and roll, Jonesy's Jukebox is, according to Blender magazine, nothing less than "the best show on the radio."

Read the whole story at Wired.com

I'm listening to the morning show right now and they just played "Million Bucks" by All. That's a great song and I don't think I've ever heard it on the radio. This almost makes me want to shell out for one of those satellite radio thingies for my car.