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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Iowan's 11-hour chat thwarts Florida woman's suicide plan

A Des Moines man's online chat with a video game partner turned into a desperate effort to save her life, authorities said. Jim Caraway, 21, kept a suicidal Florida woman online for 11 hours early Wednesday until rescuers could find her.

Marlene, a Florida woman Caraway first encountered while playing online video games two months ago, informed him that she intended to kill herself."

I didn't know what to do. She kept leaving the conversation and preparing things for when she'd be gone," Caraway said. "She told me she wrote out a will and talked to her ex-husband to make sure he'd take care of her dog."


By noon, he'd figured out the woman's city and ZIP code, then the Internet protocol computer code that led deputies to her home.

The search took four hours. Authorities took the 30-year-old woman, whose last name they would not disclose, into custody at her home in Homosassa Springs, north of Tampa. No one was hurt.

So... if you decide that your life sucks and that you'd rather just kill yourself and be done with it... they won't let you. The authorities will track you down and take you into custody to prevent you from harming yourself.

But... if a judge thinks you might not want to live anymore... he will order you to be starved and the authorities will arrest anyone who tries to bring you a glass of water.

Hmmm... looks like Florida needs to work on their right-to-die policies a bit.