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Friday, March 18, 2005

This kid's gotta be confused

Fourth-Grader Switches Genders Over Winter Break

METHUEN, Mass. (AP) — A fourth-grader who was attending a Massachusetts elementary school as a girl before February vacation has returned to school as a boy.

The parents of the 9-year-old child said the youngster was born with the body of a girl, but the brain of a boy.

They have asked that he be referred to and treated as a boy by teachers and other students, and school officials are accommodating the request. The parents have even changed the child's name.

The child's mother told The Eagle-Tribune that the family made the decision after consulting with medical professionals. She said the child is still biologically a girl.

I have to say that this just sounds stupid and I have a really hard time believing it will be beneficial to the kid. The more I think about the real-life school situations this kid is going to have to live through..... the less sense it makes.

It sounds kinda like some sort of weird social experiment and makes me wonder how these "medical professionals" determined that her brain is male. I'll bet at least one of them is writing a paper on their cutting-edge research techniques.