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Friday, March 18, 2005

What is it with the Strawberry Shortcake DVD's?

I mean... it's sort of a given that when you rent DVD's they're going to have smudges and fingerprints and stuff. That's to be expected. And yeah... you get the occasional one that looks like someone sneezed on it and tried to wipe it clean with a bent paperclip.

The there's the Strawberry Shortcake ones... don't know why... but they almost always require soap and water. The worst was the very first one we rented. I naively popped it out of the case and stuck it right into the player. The DVD player complained. When I removed it I realized it was covered with sticky fingerprints and mysterious pink chunks. Yick!

It seems that every one since has needed a good scrubbing, too. And then there's always that one nagging question. "Is the case supposed to smell like strawberries.... or is that just a residual odor from a previous renter?"