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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blogging and Soap Scum

The soap scum in our shower seems to build up really fast, and I haven't found an easy way to clean it yet. Today I thought I would look for ideas on the net so I googled soap scum. The third website (of 149,000) is a blog entry at Amidst a Tangled Web from September 6, 2002. As of right now, there are 117 comments on this post; the most recent was just about 5 hours ago. I'm left with a lot of interesting ideas of things to try, but also with the wonderment of seemingly neverending comments. I suppose as long as there are people googling soap scum there will be people commenting on his post. It left me thinking of the art of blogging. I was intrigued by the longetivity of his soap scum post, so I thought I would check out the home page. I was instantly entertained. Pac Man was cool. The sounds were right on. My favorite was the link to the webpage that scrolls what other people happen to be searching for at the moment. From "benchmark in intangibles" (whatever that means) to poa grass. I didn't see soap scum on the list, but I suppose if I watch long enough I will. Thanks for the entertainment, Dan. I really needed it today. Now if only I liked cleaning soap scum as much as I do researching it.

(Feel free to comment with any helpful hints here, too!)