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Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you're a fan of the David Crowder Band..... or if you just have a thing for chin hair..... here's a site for you.


Note -- I thought about growing "my own personal crowder" for a while. That is..... until my wife looked at me and couldn't help but laugh. --sigh--

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Four Things

Squeaky Weasel tagged me for this meme:

Four Jobs I've Had
Summer job with a temp company-sent everywhere from an accounting department to a cardboard factory (they frowned on the word "cardboard" -- it was properly called "corrugated"
Veterinary lab histology tech (animal autopsies can be stinky)
Clinical laboratory scientist (jobs including most areas of medical labs-currently in microbiology)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Breakfast Club
True Lies
Notting Hill

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
The Olympics
Crossing Jordan
America's Most Wanted
Rock Star INXS (I was addicted)

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation
Charlotte, NC
Lake Tahoe, CA
Orange County, CA
Eugene, OR

Four Favorite Dishes
Tamales (especially at Posa's)
Chicago-style pizza (especially at Unos)
Gyros (especially at The Vernon Inn)
Chicken Crisp Burritos (only at Taco Time)

Four Websites I Visit Daily

Four Places I’d Rather Be
Santa Fe
Any ski area

Four Bloggers I am Tagging
and You

Monday, February 13, 2006


Danielle Burgio has a job I would never do (OK, could never do), but WOW do I admire her.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Congrats, Mel!

Mel's counter at Actual Unretouched Photo recorded her 100,000th visitor tonight. How do I know? Because I'm silly enough to have wanted to be #100,000. Not silly enough to visit every minute to assure that I would be, but often enough to be visit every hour or so to see how the count was going. In the end, I was 999991 and 100004. She has a following because she is funny, real, and a great writer. Go say hi.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

If you thought THAT was a time waster...

This one is called Falling Sand, but it should be called falling sand, water, salt and oil. Set the oil on fire, grow a plant under the water, make mazes for them to fall through, and try and kill the yellow blob. (Is the yellow blob there for any reason other than to kill it?) This one brings out the creativity even in me. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time Waster

Check out this time waster. My best time is 18.187. I did brillantly, but just barely, and only after many, many tries. Story of my life.

hat tip: the doc around the clock

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger Bash

We had a fun time last night at the Iowa Blogger's Bash. Joe, Jeff, KL Snow, Royce, Kris, Doug and Jody, Miss Anonymous, Celti and Chris, Mike, and Mike were all there. Kris has pictures here. Thanks Joe for organizing the shindig and for the round of drinks.

One thing I took away from the party: Anyone serious about solving Iowa's problems should host a party of bloggers, and just throw out a problem-laden issue. Say, the Iowa Rainforst boondoggle. Within fifteen minutes a solution will be obvious to all.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Sheila O'Malley (one of my favorite bloggers) recently posted about her commonplace book, and shared many of her entries. A commonplace book is a book in which a person records quotes, poems and writings that are meaningful to them. Many people in history have kept commonplace books, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The quotes from Sheila's book were facinating.

By coincidence, a forum where Blue hangs out alot (and where I occasionally lurk) started a thread entitled "Quote of the day, thread". These are guys (primarily guys) whose bond is that each of them has built their own computer with a DFI motherboard. It is a lively forum in which most of the content is way over my head. Their quotes are quite different from Sheila's, but also entertaining. Having just read Sheila's quotes, I posted on DFI one of my favorites from Shiela's commonplace book: Half the world wants to be like Thoreau at Walden worrying about the noise of traffic on the way to Boston; the other half use up their lives being part of that noise. I like the second half. - Franz Kline

While reading all of these quotes I remembered that I kept a similar book in high school. I dug through old junk and found it. I was hoping to find deep, obscure and/or meaningful quotes, but I was sorely disappointed. What I found meaningful and deep in high school I now find trite. I found poems written by friends (remember how deep the poetry we wrote in high school was?) Lyrics to Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind and Bette Midler's The Rose. Footprints in the Sand. Sigh...

I am comforted by the very same Sheila who posts excerpts from her high school diary every Friday. Were any of us anything but corny in high school?

I'd love to hear one of your favorite quotes in the comments...