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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Sheila O'Malley (one of my favorite bloggers) recently posted about her commonplace book, and shared many of her entries. A commonplace book is a book in which a person records quotes, poems and writings that are meaningful to them. Many people in history have kept commonplace books, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The quotes from Sheila's book were facinating.

By coincidence, a forum where Blue hangs out alot (and where I occasionally lurk) started a thread entitled "Quote of the day, thread". These are guys (primarily guys) whose bond is that each of them has built their own computer with a DFI motherboard. It is a lively forum in which most of the content is way over my head. Their quotes are quite different from Sheila's, but also entertaining. Having just read Sheila's quotes, I posted on DFI one of my favorites from Shiela's commonplace book: Half the world wants to be like Thoreau at Walden worrying about the noise of traffic on the way to Boston; the other half use up their lives being part of that noise. I like the second half. - Franz Kline

While reading all of these quotes I remembered that I kept a similar book in high school. I dug through old junk and found it. I was hoping to find deep, obscure and/or meaningful quotes, but I was sorely disappointed. What I found meaningful and deep in high school I now find trite. I found poems written by friends (remember how deep the poetry we wrote in high school was?) Lyrics to Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind and Bette Midler's The Rose. Footprints in the Sand. Sigh...

I am comforted by the very same Sheila who posts excerpts from her high school diary every Friday. Were any of us anything but corny in high school?

I'd love to hear one of your favorite quotes in the comments...