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Friday, January 06, 2006

Tamales and Alpacas

We really enjoyed seeing our friends Anne and Wesley in Santa Fe. When we lived in Santa Fe we went to every high school soccer game we could and cheered on Wesley and his friend Stubbs. It was always fun to sit with his mom Anne. She is a very enthusiastic spectator. (Her enthusiasm has even been known to earn her a red card on occasion!) I spent many an afternoon learning the finer points of NFL football (Go Packers!) with Anne while Blue and Wes played PlayStation games in the basement. They are dear friends, and although I am a terrible correspondant and have not kept up with them, I love them dearly and was delighted that we could spend some time with them while we were in Santa Fe.

We met them at Posa's for lunch. Posa's makes the best tamales anywhere. As we ate, we chatted with Wesley about photography (the latest major in his ongoing college career). I am really glad we got to see him. He looks happier than I have ever seen him.

Anne shared with us her latest passion. Raising alpacas. She talked about them the way a brand-new-grandma talks about her grandbaby. It is fun to listen to someone talk about something they are passionate about. When we said we would like to see them, she called work and ditched for the afternoon. We headed out to the farm to see her babies. They were really cute, and the girls loved them. They were really sweet, and I could totally see why Anne loved to raise them.

Here is Anne with award-winning Vito.

Here is Anne with a bunch of alpacas interested in her yummy pellets.


And of course the Wonderful thing about alpacas is their awesome fleece. Here is some fleece and yarn for sale from her alpacas and the alpacas who live with hers. When I come up with a knitting project worthy of such an excellent fiber, I'm going to order some.

Here is Anne's website for more adorable pictures.