purple fish guts

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Okay.... so I've been experimenting with facial hair.

It started with laziness. Then came a string of cold weather to further fuel my lack of desire to shave. And now...... I have the makings of a beard.

Every day I go back and forth between shaving and letting it grow a little longer..... just to see what happens. It's itchy.... which makes me want to shave it off and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. But... it might be fun to have a beard. Who knows? I've never had one.

The girls think I should shave. One says I'm "ratchy." The other says I look silly. AND I don't get as many kisses as I used to.

The wife seems somewhat amused by it. She was telling Kris about it on the phone tonight. Kris wanted pictures so we had a mini photo shoot.

So here's just a plain old picture of me.

And me..... if I were french.

And me..... if I were a lunatic.

And here I am with the girls. Just showing that even if I'm "ratchy" and silly looking...... they'll still get in a picture with me.

So.... what do you think? Shave it? Or give it a shot?