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Monday, March 19, 2007

Works No Longer In Progress

I've finished some of my works in progress! I didn't get a picture of the white preemie hat before I mailed it to Stephanie for the NY launch of her new book tour. Her vision is to have masses of knitters show up in New York City on Thursday to show the world how many of us there are, and for those that can't make it to mail a hat. I hope it is one of thousands!

Here are the Opal Kid's Socks. They fit my little friend perfectly, and he won't let his mom take them off.

Here is the Moderne Log Cabin blanket that I knit for Mom. She and my aunt were watching a video of the girls knitting (and A was knitting on this blanket) when the UPS man knocked on the door with the blanket. She loves it. I knit it with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, on 10.5 needles and it turned out 64 1/2" X 44 1/2".
Here is the applied i-cord border. I like the way it turned out.
Here are my cuties knitting this morning.
Z is making her first Log Cabin pattern.

And here it is finished: