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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bad Monkey

This afternoon my daughter and I were looking at guitar effects pedals at the Digitech web-site. We were trying to decide which one we liked better -- Bad Monkey or Screamin' Blues.

We both agree... the name Bad Monkey is way cooler. And we both like the puke green color. She insists though, that it should actually be gray.... "because bad monkeys are gray." Ahhh yes... I forgot. She also likes one of the Bad Monkey sound clips the best. But it's one of the sound clips where the effect is turned off... for comparison you know. So.... I'm not really sure if that should count as a plus or a minus.

After listening to the Screamin' Blues sound clips, I have to say I like it better. And since I get however many votes it takes to ensure victory..... Screamin' Blues wins.... by one vote. I do wish it had a cooler name though. I guess I could change my name to Screamin' Blue.... and pretend it's my signature model. Yeow!