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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Danny Way jumps Great Wall of China.

    "I came to China with a goal and that was to jump over the Great Wall," said Way. "I have accomplished that and I feel like my job is done. I was aware of the dangers and my heart was pumping in my chest the whole time, but I managed to pull it off with the help of my team, and I'm honored to have my visions embraced by the people of China. Skateboarding has yet to realize its full potential, and by bringing this event to the people of China and the rest of the world, I hope I've contributed to the future of skateboarding and helped bring my sport the global attention it deserves."

    Way's first attempt over the Wall ended with a controlled fall that saw him clear the 61ft gap before throwing his board and sliding to the bottom of the landing ramp on his back. His second attempt was successful, and on his remaining three jumps he upped the anti by completing spectacular 360 degree spins over the Wall.