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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Shhh! Don't tell!

I don't know if it is her age or temprement, but Z, our 5-year-old is easily frightened. I often have to reassure her that there are no real bears in Iowa, and assuredly none in our house. She is also scared of lightning and thunder. When there are storms in the evening forecast I try to get her to bed before the rain starts so I don't have to explain again that thunder is just noise, and she is safe from lightning in the house.

Today this story was in the news. A 7-year-old girl was sleeping in her bed during a thunderstorm, and lightning hit the roof, traveled into her bedroom, and set her mattress on fire. She and her sister yelled for their father who grabbed the mattress and took it down the stairs and out of the house. Everyone was fine; only Dad had some minor burns. The video of the little girl describing "lots of bad words around here" is precious.

Lets keep this story between us, shall we? I don't think Z would be able to see it in perspective.