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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Playing at Ogden Fun Days was.... well.... fun. When we got there they were having some sort of a talent show. I think it was try-outs for the state fair or something. There was a wide assortment of talents including piano recitals, dance routines (including two girls tap-dancing to The Devil Went Down to Georgia), and a couple of people doing what I can only describe as "opera" singing. It was an interesting mix.

And to add to the humor of it all..... the park is right next to a set of train tracks. So every 10 minutes or so.... a train would go by. It was deafening.

So after the whole talent show awards thing, we set our stuff up. Thankfully the guy running the sound system was really nice... because apparently no one told him that we were going to be needing to use his system. --eek--

It all worked out well. In fact, it turned out a bit better than expected. You see... there was supposed to be a deejay playing after us. Well... he flaked and didn't show. The people organizing the whole Fun Days thing figured this out about the time we finished playing our first set. They asked us if we'd be willing to stay and play until about 9:30 or 10:00. We, of course, said yes.

By our third set (around 9:00) I was finally starting to wake up and have fun. Heh... And then it was time to pack everything up and head home.

I definitely had a good time. And I got a pork-chop-on-a-stick. So it was all good.