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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Band practice

It's funny. Some people seem to think band practice is some sort of drudgery you have to go through so you can be prepared for the "real thing" when it comes around on Sunday morning.

I don't get it. I love band practice. It's the time when you get to try out new stuff and see how everything meshes. And when you screw something up... it's just something to laugh about. Don't get me wrong. Sunday morning is great... but it's different. A bit more focused.

Practice tonight was great. No one there was in the "drudgery" mood. We spent time doing songs several different ways.... just for the fun of it. The singers were playing around with different harmonies. I was playing bass.... so I felt completely comfortable. I usually play electric guitar.... which I really enjoy..... but I'm not nearly as confident. It all just "clicked" tonight.

As we were leaving, Steve (the leader) said "Thanks for coming to practice." It kinda struck me as odd..... because I'm thinking... "Thanks for having practice.... so I could come."